Indonesian games objects:

Hom Pim Pah





This set of objects was developed for the Open-IT Project, but the inspiration for it came from a meeting of the Project Group for Indonesian Online Module Development. Tasmania was keen to participate in the development of LOTE objects by the Learning Federation (beginning in 2002) and wanted to explore some of the possibilities by developing a set of related objects.  The theme of traditional games was decided on because:

This set of objects teaches students how to play Indonesian games. Each object stands alone, although Hom Pim Pah and Sut are used at the start of some of the others. The instructions are as much as possible in Indonesian, supported with English text and sound files of native speakers reading the text. 

Teachers and students can print out the text, or select text electronically to use in other ways.  To select the text, click on the print (cetak) button and then use the mouse to select the required text. Copy the text and paste it where required.

Teaching Ideas for the Indonesian Games



2002 Department of Education, Tasmania.