Dahl dictionary

Roald Dahl often makes up his own words. But do other people know what he is talking about? You are going to make up meanings for at least 6 of these words for a special 'Dahl dictionary'.

Which words need meanings?

Below are 6 words from The Enormous Crocodile that you won't find in a normal dictionary.

  • duper
  • hoggish
  • gollop
  • mushious
  • grumptious
  • squizzled

Read through the book, or take a close look at a double page with a friend. You will find these Dahl words, and others he has made up too. Talk with others about what they might mean.

What next?

Select 6 new Dahl words (don't use the ones above).

  • Look at how these Dahl words are used in The Enormous Crocodile and work out what they mean.
  • Look at a dictionary to see how words and their meanings are shown.
  • Make your own Dahl dictionary page. Your class might like to put all the pages together to make a class dictionary.

Online activity

You can write your word meanings here if you wish. Click here to go to a dictionary page. Write your word meanings and then print the page.

2002 Department of Education, Tasmania.

Words from 'The Enormous Crocodile' by Roald Dahl used with permission.
Roald Dahl
Publishers Jonothan Cape Limited and Penguin Books Limited.