Working as part of a team

Being able to work in a team is important in today's work environment. There are many skills involved in effective teamwork. 

There are skills in getting the tasks done:  

  • negotiating with others

  • listening and sharing ideas

  • sharing tasks and responsibilities

  • problem solving

There are also skills in helping the team to be motivated and  to work well together: 

  • resolving any 'differences'
  • showing commitment
  • cooperating with others
  • encouraging each other
  • recognising and using each other's strengths

Points about working effectively as part of a team   

  • develop a positive working relationship and take the time to get to know each other
  • thoroughly explore the topic or issue that you are examining; there is no need to rush
  • use brainstorming to generate ideas

  • record main ideas and plans

  • share the tasks

  • complete the tasks that you say that you will do

  • encourage everyone to be involved

  • arrange times when you will share your findings

  • value what others have to say, even if itís different from what you believe

  • review how you are going regularly and adapt your approach if necessary so that your goals are achieved

2002 Department of Education, Tasmania.